Drywall Compound - Don't Rush it for Best Results

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Drywall Compound - Don't Rush it for Best Results

Postby HandyDan » Thu Jul 09, 2015 12:28 am

Whether its a small patch or if you're installing a fresh wall from scratch its always best to be patient and let your coats dry before sanding, very important for the compound to fully cure. I like to use Durabond 90 for my first coat because it dries so fast, don't put it on very thick because durabond is harder to sand.

After the first coat is dry I like to use normal compound (the stuff premixed in the bucket with the blue lid) and do two more coats for minimal sanding.

After that is done don't forget to use drywall primer when painting or else it will take many many coats of your final color.

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